[SURBL-Discuss] Need help checking FP list from Theo

Jeff Chan jeffc at surbl.org
Tue Sep 7 10:08:11 CEST 2004

All domains in "g through r" except quik-fix.com are two or more
years old. Several are nearly 10 years old.   The computer
security hits probably came from a security newsletter.  The
political sites came from political newsletter(s), all
subscribed.  Also appears to be and Apple/MacIntosh mailing list.

geoffmetcalf.com - political commentary
globat.com - web host, probably gets abused, but mostly legit
gotomypc.com - legit remote PC operation software
guninski.com - computer security site
hasbrouck.org - author "The Practical Nomad" unlikely pro spammer
hiramoto.org - Hiramoto Family Website
hnc3k.com - hacking and cracking, arguably legit security interest
imgfarm.com - iwon.com, akamai hosting, a bit grey, probably legit
imrsvcs.com - Electronic Data Systems Corporation, huge IT company
inderjeetsodhi.com - personal web site of IT consultant
joegratz.net - personal site of law student, unlikely spam site
karelia.com - Mac software company
lacie.com - major manufacturer of hard, cd, dvd drives
lacipeterson.com - crime victim personal site
m-w.com - 150+ year old dictionary company
macsales.com - apple computer shop
mail15.com - site of "trappers" a bugtraq security contributor
maliasoft.com - antispam software
moveon.org - political
mutemail.com - Secure Anonymous Email Services, probably legit
mysurvey.com - survey site, 60 year old company, unlikely major spammers
navi.cx - makes system for tracking open-source projects
news-miner.com - newspaper in Alaska, probably not major spammers
ourfuture.org - political
oxsemi.com - Oxford Semiconductor - Chips for MPEG, Firewire...
passthison.com ============= removed from list, spyware destination
pcpitstop.com - pc tuneup, virus, spyware, adware awareness
pivx.com - computer security company
pivxlabs.com - computer security company
popmoney.net =============== removed from list, spyware destination
port5.com - free web hosting, open proxy list security list mention
postarmor.com - antispam software
prosoftengineering.com - Netware Mac client for OS 10
qwik-fix.net - computer security company
ravantivirus.com - antivirus company
redhawk.org - open source software project
redlers.com - word processor for Mac OS X
reunion.com - people finder site, probably abused, mostly legit

In summary, all are mostly legitimate, and so are the ones Ryan
and Joseph researched.  Therefore I am whitelisting all of the
SURBL-wide FPs we got from Theo, minus the ones I deleted from
that spyware message.  The resulting list, plus some already
whitelisted like apple.com and google.com, etc. is at:


If anyone has any objections or spots any obvious major spammers,
please let us know.

Thanks for the help, Theo, Joseph, Ryan and others.

Jeff C.

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