[SURBL-Discuss] Re: ANNOUNCE: Top SURBL DNS queries and whitelist hits

Mariano Absatz el.baby at gmail.com
Tue Sep 7 15:52:31 CEST 2004

On Tue, 7 Sep 2004 06:16:53 -0700, Jeff Chan <jeffc at surbl.org> wrote:
> On Tuesday, September 7, 2004, 6:13:19 AM, Chris Santerre wrote:
> >>From: Jeff Chan [mailto:jeffc at surbl.org]
> >>We've made a list of the top SURBL DNS queries into my name server:
> >>
> >>  http://www.surbl.org/dns-queries.counts.txt
> >>
> >>and a version with only whitelist hits:
> >>
> >>  http://www.surbl.org/dns-queries.whitelist.counts.txt
> > Would it be possible to hard code a "SKIP" for certain URLs?
> > 175     yahoo.com
> > 157     w3.org
> > 87      msn.com
> > 77      flowgo.com
> > Why have the code even bother to check those? Sort of like a permanent hard
> > coded Whitelist. (Bah, Skiplist! I have to stop calling it a whitelist!)
> > This would save traffic.
> > Just a thought.
> > --Chris
> Yes, Theo proposed exactly such a thing for SA.  The top ones
> should be fairly stable, and also offer the greatest reduction
> in queries.
> SpamCopURI comes with a local whitelist.  Eric could we ask you
> to grab some of these, populate that list in future versions
> and make it live?  The hooks are already there; we just need
> to use them, and the top whitelist hits would be really useful.
Jeff, Eric,

if I want to manually whitelist these, how should I do?

Do I have to add both the wildcard and non-wildcard version of a
domain to have the domain and all its subdomains whitelisted?

That is, will
whitelist_spamcop_uri   *.yahoo.com
also whitelist yahoo.com or do I have to explicitly add
whitelist_spamcop_uri   yahoo.com
(since yahoo.com wouln't "match" *.yahoo.com 'cause it's missing the dot)?


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