[SURBL-Discuss] test.surbl.org

Leonardo Helman surbl at lists.com.ar
Thu Sep 9 16:08:17 CEST 2004

Should I send this to spamassasin list?

I've done some tests on mailscanner-spamcopuri-spamassasin,
and the beast marks messages with spam uri correctly,
but I couldn't make it report anything on: (I'm checking for
test.surbl.org (It consults only on surbl.org not on test.surbl.org)

That's because it only checks the registered domain and
not its subdomains?

So if someone send me a mail with a http://spam.not-listed-as-spammer.com
in it, it will not hit any surbl.

Is this correct?

host -t any test.surbl.org.multi.surbl.org
test.surbl.org.multi.surbl.org. text "multi.surbl.org permanent test point"
test.surbl.org.multi.surbl.org. has address

Leonardo Helman
Pert Consultores

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