[SURBL-Discuss] more FPs

John Lundin lundin at cavtel.net
Thu Sep 9 22:12:16 CEST 2004

Finally got around to running geturi 0.5 on some recent submitted FPs
and ham. I have permission to forward the original messages if needed.

codefeed .com		-0.2000 (1)
gittigidiyor .com 	-0.2500 (1)

The first, from a java newsletter blog ref, has no NANAS hits. Created
Feb '03. I can't read the language on the second, from a quoted sig in
a MySQL newsletter, but it has one NANAS hit and was created in Feb '00.
Probably not controversial.

destinationsite .com	-3.0000 (1)
ntcr .us 		-0.3333 (1)

These two are. Both are from a Jupitermedia Web Events newsletter.
And yes, the guy who submitted it signed up for 'em. I already asked.
Both with netcreations RPs. First registered Jan '98, second Nov '03,
so they aren't fly-by-night. (Crawl by night?) destinationsite has
seventy-eight widely varied NANAS hits, and their web page redirects
to postmasterdirect .com, describing them as, "The most trusted source
of 100% opt-in email customer acquisition solutions." ntcr .us has
forty-three less varied NANAS hits, site unviewable with my browser.
(I sent the latter in once before for a DS hit, but it's in WS now.)

And from personal email is a possibly worse pair... from a local
linux UG newsletter that quotes a marketpro computer show flyer:

emailfactory .com and emf0 .com (apparently same folks), being used as
a web bug and unsub address, respectively. 183 and 22 NANAS, created
oct '98 and feb '03.  "Precision opt-in email marketing tools."

Unfortunately, I know at least one other person who is (or was)
subscribed to the mailing list for this show, which comes through here
regularly.  You choose if you want to hold your nose and remove 'em.

And that's it out of 4991 messages checked, after removal of FFP's.

Oh, yes, before I forget, a testimonial:

Earlier this year a friend and I jointly built three computers, one
of which is the box I'm writing this on. He did price comparisons on
components. And one of his messages on the topic was flagged as spam.
I checked, and one vendor site had been flagged by ws.surbl.org.
Naturally, I suggested that the vendor in question wasn't a good
choice. We ordered elsewhere.

That correspondence just showed up in my corpora. Their site was still
in WS, so I checked. Hmm. Web page down, what else? So I googled, and
found that they were not merely spammy but had been fraudulent!

So surbl saved me grief even outside of the email filtering. :-)
Another use for a wonderful tool.

  lundin at cavtel.net
"The chance of forgetting something is
 directly proportional to.. to.. uh.."

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