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Jeff Chan jeffc at surbl.org
Thu Sep 9 22:18:18 CEST 2004

On Thursday, September 9, 2004, 7:08:17 AM, Leonardo Helman wrote:
> Hi, 
> Should I send this to spamassasin list?

> I've done some tests on mailscanner-spamcopuri-spamassasin,
> and the beast marks messages with spam uri correctly,
> but I couldn't make it report anything on: (I'm checking for
> test.surbl.org (It consults only on surbl.org not on test.surbl.org)

> That's because it only checks the registered domain and
> not its subdomains?

> So if someone send me a mail with a http://spam.not-listed-as-spammer.com
> in it, it will not hit any surbl.

> Is this correct?

> host -t any test.surbl.org.multi.surbl.org
> reports:
> test.surbl.org.multi.surbl.org. text "multi.surbl.org permanent test point"
> test.surbl.org.multi.surbl.org. has address

As others have mentioned, programs using SURBL data try
to reduce it to the registrar domain before checking it
against SURBLS:


> 2. Extract base (registrar) domains from those URIs. This
> includes removing any and all leading host names, subdomains,
> www., randomized subdomains, etc. In order to determine the
> base domain it may be necessary to use a table of country code
> TLDs (ccTLDs) such as this partially-imcomplete one SURBL uses.
> For example, any domain found in the two level ccTLD list
> should have a three-level domain name extracted (like
> foo.co.uk) for matching against a SURBL. Domains not in the
> ccTLD list should have two levels checked (such as foo.com).

Therefore a two level domain or numeric IP address can
be used for testing:


> What URIs should a SURBL test message have?

> SURBL test URLs are:
>   http://surbl-org-permanent-test-point-MUNGED.com/
> or:
> without the "-MUNGED"s. So if you send yourself a message with
> any of those unmunged testpoints as URIs, the messages should
> match any SURBLs you have installed. (The name of the list, in
> the earlier examples sc.surbl.org, is only added to DNS queries
> on the RBL.) 

The testpoints are described at:


Jeff C.

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