[SURBL-Discuss] RE: Start an IP list to block?

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Fri Sep 10 00:42:42 CEST 2004

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Matthew Wilson writes:
> If it helps, I agree with Chris.  One point to note: Virtual hosters
> can't use IP addresses in their URLs, because the web server needs a
> http host header to differentiate between all the possible virtual
> hosted sites.  However, it really wouldn't be difficult to have the
> SURBL URI detection algorithm find dotted quad URLs, and store these in
> the SURBL database just like any other domain name... 

now *that* is a good point ;)

- --j.

> -Matthew
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> >Hi!
> >
> >> Chris, Raymond ,
> >>
> >> I went thru a random few of these and they're were listed at
> >Spamhaus.
> >> Using spamhaus at SMTP level or SA doing RBL lookups would
> >have caught and
> >> stopped them... Spamcop probably has quite a few of them
> >listed as well
> >
> >No, that wont work. The spams are sended in via trojans/proxys only the
> >websites are static. SOME are blocked with DSBL and so but most of the 
> >time they start a spamrun with a fresh set it seems.
> >
> >So yes, they are inside spamhaus, but only the websites, didnt see 
> >mails sended out from there (yet).
> >
> Agreed. They may be listed, but for mail, not hosting. They use other
> IPs to send, and keep the host on their IPs. SOme of the bigger spammers
> are saying "Screw SURBL, I've got enough dough to get a new domain for
> every run, and it still remains profitible."
> To which we have 2 replies:
> 1) Those registers are going to feel some rath soon from the antispam
> community.
> 2) We gonna mark the IP, you silly little monkeys!
> I think the code should be added into the SURBL code. It would need to
> be a patch for SA 3.0 as it is prbly too late for it to go in now. But
> it should be simple to grab the IP of the 20 random URL domains and
> match against SURBL as well. Then they can purchase as many domains as
> they like, won't matter a bit.
> --Chris
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