[SURBL-Discuss] more FPs

Jeff Chan jeffc at surbl.org
Fri Sep 10 01:46:55 CEST 2004

On Thursday, September 9, 2004, 1:50:15 PM, Ryan Thompson wrote:
> John Lundin wrote to SURBL Discussion list:

>> Finally got around to running geturi 0.5 on some recent submitted FPs
>> and ham.

> Excellent!

>> I have permission to forward the original messages if needed.
>> codefeed .com         -0.2000 (1)

> Yes, personal site. Just guessing, but probably listed due to
> joe-jobbing someone's email address @codefeed .com.

>> gittigidiyor .com     -0.2500 (1)
>> The first, from a java newsletter blog ref, has no NANAS hits. Created
>> Feb '03. I can't read the language on the second, from a quoted sig in
>> a MySQL newsletter, but it has one NANAS hit and was created in Feb '00.
>> Probably not controversial.

> It's Turkish, and I'd agree they do look legit. It *looks* like an
> auction site or something... so it could have been seen in spams similar
> to eBay auction spams that go around. (Come check out my auction! :-)

>> destinationsite .com  -3.0000 (1)
>> ntcr .us              -0.3333 (1)
>> These two are. Both are from a Jupitermedia Web Events newsletter.
>> And yes, the guy who submitted it signed up for 'em. I already asked.
>> Both with netcreations RPs. First registered Jan '98, second Nov '03,
>> so they aren't fly-by-night. (Crawl by night?) destinationsite has
>> seventy-eight widely varied NANAS hits, and their web page redirects
>> to postmasterdirect .com, describing them as, "The most trusted source
>> of 100% opt-in email customer acquisition solutions." ntcr .us has
>> forty-three less varied NANAS hits, site unviewable with my browser.
>> (I sent the latter in once before for a DS hit, but it's in WS now.)

> Sounds reasonable.

>> And from personal email is a possibly worse pair... from a local
>> linux UG newsletter that quotes a marketpro computer show flyer:
>> emailfactory .com and emf0 .com (apparently same folks), being used as
>> a web bug and unsub address, respectively. 183 and 22 NANAS, created
>> oct '98 and feb '03.  "Precision opt-in email marketing tools."
>> Unfortunately, I know at least one other person who is (or was)
>> subscribed to the mailing list for this show, which comes through here
>> regularly.  You choose if you want to hold your nose and remove 'em.

> Looks like they should indeed be removed from WS

Thanks for your research John and Ryan.  I am holding my nose and
whitelisting all of them.

Jeff C.

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