[SURBL-Discuss] Re: Start an IP list to block?

Jeff Chan jeffc at surbl.org
Fri Sep 10 16:43:39 CEST 2004

On Friday, September 10, 2004, 7:33:10 AM, Chris Santerre wrote:
>>From: Jeff Chan [mailto:jeffc at surbl.org]

>>On Thursday, September 9, 2004, 5:34:05 PM, Jeff Chan wrote:
>>> My first pass at cleaning the resolved IP data would be to take
>>> the to 70th percentile of IP addresses and only use those to
>>> check domain resolved IPs to.  It's not perfect, but it should
>>> cut down on the uncertainty.
>>I should add that this mostly applies to data where we have a
>>constant feed of actual spam reports such as from SpamCop.  It
>>does not apply as strongly to data sources where we only have a
>>unitary list of domains, for example where each domain appears
>>once over the whole list.  Though even there, it applies weakly,
>>for example a dozen domains that all resolve to the same network
>>probably could be used to bias future domains appearing in the
>>same network towards list inclusion.
>>But when you have a stream of reports about the *same domain*,
>>then you can get better statistics about that domain or it's
>>resolved IP.  There simply more data to work with in more
>>meaningful ways.

> Holy confusion! I can't tell where you are on this subject now Jeff :) 

> Are you saying , that if we get really good data like what was in my
> original post, and we keep the data in the 90th percentile area, then we
> might possibly be able to list the IP hosts and have SURBL check against it?
> If so..I'm up for that. 

> Granted it would take a little more research then just a domain listing, but
> I think the benefits are very good. Especially if we keep it only high
> ranking IP offenders. I mean, we may add less then 50 IPs a year? Just the
> really nasty spammers. 

If you're talking about adding resolved IP addresses to SURBLs,
no we're not going to do that.   :-(

What I'm talking about is an internal process where we keep track
of resolved IP addresses and use that to add new domains to
SURBLs sooner if they resolve to a similar IP range (probably
/24s).  We would use the resolved IP addresses to add domains
to sc.surbl.org and possibly other lists sooner.  Most would
probably get added on the first report.  :-)


Jeff C.

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