[SURBL-Discuss] Re[2]: Start an IP list to block?

Pete McNeil madscientist at microneil.com
Fri Sep 10 19:40:39 CEST 2004

On Friday, September 10, 2004, 1:13:38 PM, Jeff wrote:

JC> Thanks for your comments.  By "recursive domain additions" to you
JC> mean to initiate a proactive search of domains within a given
JC> network?  What I'm proposing is not to actively try to search,
JC> but simply to bias the inclusion of domains that are *actually
JC> reported to us as being in spams*.

What I mean by "recursive domain additions" (an internal name I use
for this process) is something like this:

1. Spamtrap sources the addition of a domain (URI) to the blacklist.

2. A subset of domains in the blacklist are resolved to IPs and those
IPs are added to an internal reference list.

3. Subsquent clean spamtrap sources are scanned for domain URI that
resolve to IPs on the reference list and if found these new domains
are added to the blacklist (or at least recommended as candidates).

So, this is not a proactive search really - rather the capture of one
domain predisposes the candidate generator to capture additional
domains that resolve to the same IP(s).

(Candidate generator = AI monitoring spamtrap data to extract URI and
recommend them as candidates for the black list).

--- Sorry for the complexity here, I'm used to thinking in terms of
our system and it is sometimes difficult to describe the concepts
outside of that context.

JC> Hopefully my description of the difference makes some sense
JC> and it can be seen why the potential for false inclusions
JC> might be lower when the space is *actual spam reports*, and
JC> not the space of all domains hosted in nearby networks.

Clearly. *actual spam reports* is analogous to clean spamtrap data -
though I presume it may also include some non-spamtrap data submitted
by users. You are definitely on the right track - that is, I think
we're on the same page generally.

The caution is - even with very strong spamtraps there are errors in
this process often enough to require some extra research before gating
the new "candidates" into the blacklist, IME.


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