[SURBL-Discuss] Re: WS FPs: e-gold.com, home.ro

Frank Ellermann nobody at xyzzy.claranet.de
Sat Sep 18 20:17:48 CEST 2004

Jeff Chan wrote:

> I'd still like to hear why these were added to WS.

<crystal ball="ball"> Maybe for the same reasons why you
found these domains on the list of PH candidates </crystal>

On an almost completely different issue, I stumbled over
a list of TLDs "known to have no SLDs", the source URL is
<http://www.westpoint.ltd.uk/advisories/wp-04-0001.txt> :

| 23 July 2004      Konqueror respond
| Explain that they intend to fix the cross domain problem by
| including a list of ccTLDs that, like .uk, require 3 dots.
| The domain are:
|    name,ai,au,bd,bh,ck,eg,et,fk,il,in,kh,kr,mk,mt,na,
|    np,nz,pg,pk,qa,sa,sb,sg,sv,ua,ug,uk,uy,vn,za,zw

I was aware of au, nz, uk, and za using "commonwealth style",
but the Konqueror list is much longer.  Do you already have
SLDs for all mentioned TLDs ?
                               Bye, Frank

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