[SURBL-Discuss] Additional PJ info

Jeff Chan jeffc at surbl.org
Sun Sep 19 13:54:01 CEST 2004

Here's a little more history about the processing Prolocation
and Joe Wein are doing.  Raymond is running copies of Joe's
engine on three servers at his site.  Each server being fed
about 100k likely spams per day from multiple spamtraps and
the abuse department of the ISP Raymond works at.  This has
created a very large increase in the amount of data that Joe
sees in addition to his own systems and traps.

Prolocation's JW-processed messages are also fed into
Joe's systems so that there is a consistent record as
"evidence" of the spams.  But the extracted URI data of
both Joe and Raymond are combined at Prolocation before
they get fed into WS.  It's that combined data, all
processed with Joe's engine (but at two different locations,
Joe's and Raymond's) that we are thinking about breaking out
into its own list (at least within multi).

I was unaware of the scale of things on Raymond's side,
and they are significant upgrade to the capabilities of
Joe's systems, in terms of spam volume, servers, people,

The Prolocation and Joe Wein collaboration is also
consistent since the same engine and standards are being
applied to some large, independent sources of spam.

All of this leads me to think that the Prolocation and
JW data are really a major operation of their own and
deserve to have their own list.

By the way I'm proposing to call the list JP instead of
PJ, since PJ is too similar to PH.  The difference should
result in less confusion.


Jeff C.

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