[SURBL-Discuss] Proposal for moving forward with JP list

John Lundin lundin at cavtel.net
Thu Sep 23 15:21:13 CEST 2004

On Wed, Sep 22, 2004 at 04:45:34PM -0700, Jeff Chan wrote:
> > OK We would like to proceed with the first part of this.
> > We propose adding JP to multi on Monday September 27,
> > but keeping the JP data in WS for now, and asking SA to
> > add JP to SA 3.1 after that change next Monday.  We
> > would want to announce the new list so that other
> > programs using multi.surbl.org would know that the
> > return values had changed.  That would give them some
> > time if they need to make adjustments to their code.
> > JP would get the 64 bitmask [...]
> I'm going to assume a lack of comments means everyone agrees....

I don't disagree, but do have a couple of comments.

First, when JP drops out of WS there will be a content change. One of
the reasons for adding JP is to get it a higher SpamAssassin score.
But since it was part of WS before that, there will be a "decrease"
there. And the folk doing scoring won't have a way to anticipate the
effect. Would it be worthwhile to phase JP out of WS slowly and/or put
up a temporary WSONLY list that could be used for scoring trials?

The other is more about how people use scores. As we do a better job
of spotting and reduce FPs the SpamAssassin scores will go up. This is
good, right?  Well, maybe. There are six URIRL's in SpamAssassin 3.0
already. And as scored, a -single- feature in the text of the message
can trigger a spam score of 9.9 (without bayes) or 12.4 (with). Now.
This scares me, since some systems discard spam above a certain score.

If we assume that JP gets the same confidence that SC has, that
inflates the score to 13.8 or 16.6. That's a lot of certainty to
invest in one lone URI. Especially given that evil URIs do wind up in
legitimate mail, however rarely.

Which isn't directly SURBL's problem, of course.

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