[SURBL-Discuss] RFC: SURBL inclusion policy

Ryan Thompson ryan at sasknow.com
Sat Sep 25 02:49:08 CEST 2004

Jeff Chan wrote to SURBL Discuss:

> In order to assist people hand-classifying spam URI domains and IPs
> for inclusion or non-inclusion in SURBLs, I've made a draft policy
> document:

Good, although I think there are a few redundant points, and it would
read better in a top-down priority format, "firing your biggest guns

To me, the main points are (using roman numerals so as not to confuse
your numbering system):

i) Add domains that appear *only* in spam. Do not add any domains that
    appear in ham.

ii) Beware of poisoning/joe job attempts; not every domain that appears
     in spam belongs to a spammer!

iii) Use these important sources of information as additional input:
     (List the IADB2, whois, etc., in decreasing order of usefulness)

The "not your personal blocklist" point (14), and "common sense" (13)
are good points that I think are deserving of discussion in paragraph
form beneath the "main points". They're not "criteria", per se, but
should definitely be mentioned.

After the list of main points are first, clearly defined, and, second,
*lightly* expanded upon (remember, we want to make sure people get the
main points!), you can include the more general discussion from some of
your points further down the page in paragraph format. Seeing a numbered
list of more than 5-6 items raises some questions for me, indicating
that perhaps the big picture could be lost on some people (especially
those newcomers just learning of the SURBL policies).

So, in brief, what I'm suggesting is just a bit of restructuring to make
the main points clearer, while still providing the detailed information
you already have in the document. IMO, you've done a fine job with the

Hope this helps,

- Ryan

>  http://www.surbl.org/policy.html
> Please read it and post your comments.
> Jeff C.
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