[SURBL-Discuss] RFC: SURBL inclusion policy

Ryan Thompson ryan at sasknow.com
Sat Sep 25 18:42:35 CEST 2004

Jeff Chan wrote to SURBL Discussion list:

> On Friday, September 24, 2004, 11:24:57 PM, Ryan Thompson wrote:
>> do we want to say anything in this document (or
>> possibly another document) about whitelisting criteria? There are really
>> three main categories:
>> 1.    Blacklist material (that's what your policy addresses very well)
>> 1.5. "Almost" blacklist material (the grey ones); ala the "UC" list, are
>> 2.    Domains that should not be listed, but are not necessarily of
>> 3.    Domains that are white; i.e., have definite legitimate uses
>> OK, that's four. If we really want to reduce FPs, we need to carefully
>> consider *all* of these categories when analysing potential domains. I
>> spend just as much time pulling domains out of ham as I do pulling
>> domains out of spam.

Hi Jeff,

> I agree with 1 and 3, but another way to look at the undecided middle
> ground might be to say that if a domain or IP has not proven to be
> blacklist material and has not been falsely listed and therefore in
> need of whitelisting, then it perhaps can be ignored until it gets
> into category 1 or 3.
> I know that goes against the feelings of people who want to catch
> every spam, and I understand that feeling myself, but in *practical
> terms* it may be a *useful* solution.
> Yes, that misses some marginal and probable spammers, but it lets us
> focus on the first category which are probably the most important to
> find in terms of the volume of spam they produce.  The others can
> consume a lot of time and effort without producing the level of
> performance that catching the *major* spammers in the first category
> can.
> I realize you guys are trying to sort out some of the stuff in the
> middle and I understand some of the reasons for wanting to do it, but
> I think working on the more clear cases gets us the most results for
> our efforts.

Well, suffice to say, I don't want to open up the "grey" can of worms
again! I just wanted to identify the major categories which, in real
life, we submitters are actually dealing with on a daily basis. :-)

I wrote:
>> The distinction between 2 and 3 is almost as difficult as the
>> distinction between 1 and 2 sometimes.

Meaning, whitelisting is usually just about as difficult as

- Ryan

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