[SURBL-Discuss] Question re: integration with SpamAssassin 3.0

Raymond Dijkxhoorn raymond at prolocation.net
Sun Sep 26 19:19:01 CEST 2004


> I have been using the SURBL plugin with SA 2.64 successfully and have just 
> upgraded SA to 3.0.  In the docs it states that it is best to use 
> multi.surbl.org with 3.0.   Is this configured by default somewhere or do I 
> need to add the rule to local.cf??

This is enabled by default, of you have modules like Net::DNS installed.

> I have been watching the spam processed so far this morning and I am getting 
> hits on the lists I had configured with 2.64 but not multi which is why I 
> ask.

You still see the hits on the seperate lists.

Thy show up like: URIBL_WS_SURBL and URIBL_OB_SURBL for example.

> If I do need to add the rule,  what is the exact syntax to use for 
> 3.0??

No need to do that.

> My apologies if this has been covered before - my searches came up pretty 
> empty.

A grep inside your rules dir would have told ;)

25_uribl.cf:urirhssub   URIBL_SC_SURBL  multi.surbl.org.        A   2
25_uribl.cf:urirhssub   URIBL_WS_SURBL  multi.surbl.org.        A   4
25_uribl.cf:urirhssub   URIBL_PH_SURBL  multi.surbl.org.        A   8
25_uribl.cf:urirhssub   URIBL_OB_SURBL  multi.surbl.org.        A   16
25_uribl.cf:urirhssub   URIBL_AB_SURBL  multi.surbl.org.        A   32


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