[SPAM-TAG] [SURBL-Discuss] Spammer threatening to suesingle4you.net

Doc Schneider maddoc at maddoc.net
Mon Sep 27 07:10:09 CEST 2004

Joe Wein wrote:
> "Jeff Chan" <jeffc at surbl.org>
>>But that's not the question.  The question is: does the domain
>>have legitimate uses.  If so we shouldn't list it.  We should not
>>list domains that have legitimate uses, even if they do send
>>in some spam.
> Hi Jeff,
> the latest emails from Mr. Schiffer were much more friendly in tone. He also
> admitted that he was only bluffing when he talked about legal action, as he
> really does not have any money for that.
> I have removed his listing and let him know about that. I hope he learnt
> something from it.
> I probably wouldn't have removed the domain without your reminder. Looking
> at this case I realise how difficult it really is for submitters *not* to
> list spammers who may have some legitimate uses.
> Joe

This is the sort of people I deal with all night at work. Those who 
"CLAIM" to be loosing a hundreds/thousands a day... of course they're 
running off a residential DSL connection which is in violation of our 
companies AUP. Course if they are really losing this amount per day I 
sell them a T1 8*))

But most of them back down when you point out they hav no leg to stand on.

-Doc (Who needs to get to said job soon)

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