[SPAM-TAG] [SURBL-Discuss] Spammer threatening to suesingle4y ou.net

Raymond Dijkxhoorn raymond at prolocation.net
Mon Sep 27 16:38:30 CEST 2004

Hi Jeff,

>> These are just the ones reported. He 'purchased' a list. So none of these
>> were opt in.

> And are those the only emails that ever have or ever will mention
> the domain?  Do we know that the domain has no legitimate uses or
> users?  If not should we block all legitimate messages that do
> mention the domain?
> These are difficult questions which we attempted to answer.

With the looks of the site, all the database errors when you try to do 
something there its very unlikely this site HAD legit use, since it sinply 
doesnt work ;)


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