[SPAM-TAG] [SURBL-Discuss] Spammer threatening to sue single4 yet

Chris Santerre csanterre at merchantsoverseas.com
Mon Sep 27 17:15:41 CEST 2004

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>From: Ryan Thompson [mailto:ryan at sasknow.com]
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>Chris Santerre wrote to 'Jeff Chan' and 'SURBL Discussion list':
>>> Thanks Joe.  Hopefully he's learned his lesson.
>> What the hell?? I just read this whole thread! I would not have taken
>> this guy off! No way in hell!!!!! Ray, add this yahoo to UC please!
>Well, first off, you probably meant "Ryan". Second, single4you.net has
>been in UC for for days already.  :-)
>> The domain is brand new, sends spam, and screams about 
>getting listed!
>> How the hell can he be legit! Did you guys read the NANAS listings
>> that showed his wonderful emails?
>> These are just the ones reported. He 'purchased' a list. So none of
>> these were opt in.
>Agreed! Don't forget the temporal aspect of SURBL. It *was* a spammer
>domain, but that doesn't mean it still *is* a spammer domain.
>> This is not the last we will hear of this guy. I think taking him off
>> is a mistake. And IF he does it again, I'll report his a$$ to every
>> RBL I can find, simply because you guys removed this idiot.
>Well, I'm not worried about it at all, because if he has really cleaned
>up his act, we won't hear from him again. Otherwise, if I get confirmed
>fresh spam for single4you.net, I'll happily spend the 3 
>seconds it takes
>to re-list, as I'm sure would many people who have read this 
>thread. ;-)
>I'll be watching my daily GetURI runs very, very closely. :-)
>> --Chris (Jaded, fed up, and tired of the BS.)
>Even while following this thread yesterday, I whitelisted 45 domains,
>and listed 24 new ones, from a ~6 hour corpus. I'm not going to let a
>little bit of BS about *one* measly domain ruin my fun.
>I know, I had to damn near swallow my own tongue before I recommended
>de-listing them, but, the point is, if we aren't responsive to the odd
>site possibly changing their act, SURBL (and even UC) will be useless.
>- Ryan

Yup, sorry about that. After I sent it I realized I meant you :) 

I'm still having fun, and I know it seems that Jeff and I don't get along,
but we do. Our differences are good for the lists. 

If you have had more correspondence with this spammer that leads you to this
decision, then I trust you have reasons for removing then. 


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