[SURBL-Discuss] Help classify quickinspirations.com

Rob McEwen rob at powerviewsystems.com
Thu Sep 30 05:35:17 CEST 2004

>Can you provide an example of one of those?

Ouch. You've caught me off-guard.

I've been deleting these off my server after double-checking them. I filter
out thousands of messages a day and, among these thousands, these are about
1 or 2 hundred that I audit for FPs. These "quickinspirations" fell into
that category and I delete these after auditing them. I wouldn't go out of
my way to audit these in particular expect for the fact that they are
grouped together with a part of my filtering which, **overall**, does need
some double-checking.

Therefore, ironically, several crossed my path today and I deleted them all.
Sorry. I'll send you some when I get the next batch.

Rob McEwen

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