[SURBL-Discuss] More spams with Zdnet redirector

List Mail User track at Plectere.com
Wed Apr 6 01:32:38 CEST 2005

>On Tuesday, April 5, 2005, 10:19:27 AM, List User wrote:
>>         I hate to repeat myself, but...
>>         Please, just forward any spam arriving in this fashion to a list of
>> the various editors at Cnet.  Then, and only then will the problem be addressed.
>> Right now they consider this to be a "service" that they offer!
>>         Paul Shupak
>>         track at plectere.com
>I don't think it's right to spam other people.  Report them to
>their abuse address, the media, slashdot, etc.
>Jeff C.
>"If it appears in hams, then don't list it."
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	In general, I agree with your statement.  Maybe I should have said to
send a note, and append the spam.

	This is I feel a special case, because CNet *is* the media!  Sending
mail to abuse@, slashdot, etc. will likely be ignored as long as they consider
this a service (from a telephone call to them - a low level tech. who "asked"
a supervisor, and didn't want to forward me - seem quite bothered by the whole
process and left a bad taste in my mouth).

	It seems that the editors are *exactly* the people to send copies to.  I
did originally note that I left off the list the names and email addresses of
executives as they did not seem appropriate (corporate types are neither the
"media" or technical staff - so here we agree on at least part).

	Beside, if you add a note, you are not spamming them, but merely
"informing the media" just as you recommend:)

	I'll give this more though (I have only gotten one so far).


	Paul Shupak
	track at plectere.com

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