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>Raymond, Paul and others, please LART them.
>We're not going to blacklist zdnet.
>Jeff C.
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	I spent over an hour today trying to speak to anyone on the editorial
staff.  I managed to leave two messages, and spoke to two people who were to
"much" too busy to talk (they had been expecting other calls).  The "Editor",
Jeff Pelline, said if I sent him an email, he would "try" to get to it
tomorrow;  After, well over an hour - I gave up.  They had moved buildings
and disconnected their old telephone numbers about a year ago, so ten minutes
later I "wdprs"'d and "rfci.whois"'d about 8 of their domains - that only took
about 7 minutes of my time - now they can spend a few hours cleaning up and
maybe then they will "have time" to talk (Note: they already had some listings
for bouncing abuse@ & postmaster@ emails - seem they have a history of an
overly aggressive "spam" filter" that bounces what appear to be innocuous
messages - so I doubt you can discuss "spam" with them by email;  And while
they have cleared a few entries, they just ignore some of the others).

	I seriously doubt there is anyone to send a LART to (most of their
domains bounce either abuse@, postmaster@ or both or even worse, show the
accounts as being over-quota - i.e. nobody reads them).

	We'll see if the people I left messages for actually return my calls.
I've given up on them - they are of the general apparent belief "my time is
more valuable than yours".  Someone else can burn a few hours on it.  I like
Raymond's rule - maybe I'll just block them outright - I don't get anything
from them commonly, certainly not often (it has been many years since I found
the news.com digests to have any value).

	Paul Shupak
	track at plectere.com

P.S.  The telephone numbers are "hidden", but anyone who wants to try is
welcome: http://news.com.com/2040-1096_3-0.html?tag=ne.ft.si.con
All their listed registration contact data is invalid (this is an Internet

P.P.S. The sales department answered consistantly, but them transfered me
into an endless hold pattern which seems to hang up after about ten minutes.

P.P.P.S.  The "Editor-at-large", Michael Kanellos, is the person who writes
most often and most recently about spam, but his voice mailbox was full!

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