[SURBL-Discuss] More spams with Zdnet redirector

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Sat Apr 9 19:14:27 CEST 2005

>Date: Sat, 9 Apr 2005 10:56:10 +0200 (CEST)
>From: Raymond Dijkxhoorn <raymond at surbl.org>
>X-X-Sender: raymond at mailbox.prolocation.net
>To: "Kevin A. McGrail" <kmcgrail at pccc.com>
>Subject: Re: [SURBL-Discuss] More spams with Zdnet redirector
>> Why the use of the full test rather than the uri test? 
>> Regards,
>>> full PROLO_REDIR_ZDNET_CHECK_1 /http:\/\/.*chkpt.zdnet.com\/chkpt/
>>> score PROLO_REDIR_ZDNET_CHECK_1  8.0
>URI tests are done on the toplevel domain, i dont want to block whole 
>If you have something else that can do it, thats also fine, i mean, this 
>works for us <tm>

	I've begun sending them to shs at cnet.com - no bounce, but no response
either.  Starting tomorrow, *all* the CNet editors get a copy.  Todays below.

	Paul Shupak
	track at plectere.com

P.S.  The messages was blocked, but only because of local rules (in particular,
that zdnet is now in rfci.whois, and the forged headers said netscape.net
which is in rfci.abuse and rfci.postmaster), which put the message at .05
poiints above the account's threshold for spam.  I need to type in Raymond's
rule - probably in the next hour.

--- spam body ------------------------------------------------------------------

Is this what you asked for, I searched high and low for this.

According to my findings, this one place has the stuff you asked for to
help with your mood swings.
I've used them them before so has a bunch of our friends, so don't worry.

Here's there new location

Please, contact me if you got any further questions

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total exports. Per capita income stood at $470 in India in 2002 and $420 in
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