[SURBL-Discuss] FULL open redirect on google

Daryl C. W. O'Shea spamassassin at dostech.ca
Thu Apr 14 20:34:03 CEST 2005

Matthew Wilson wrote:
> I don't know about *easily*.... I mean, we're talking about a database
> lookup in a table with probably hundreds of thousands records... 

Given that they index over 8 billion pages, and likely have hundreds of 
billions of records in their databases, I'd think dealing with hundreds 
of thousands of records would be fairly easy in comparison.

Besides, there's no reason to have all of the domains in one table, or 
even database.

Also don't forget that if they are tracking the click throughs, they've 
already got those domains in a database.  So I'd still say it borders on 
trivial!  :)

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