[SURBL-Discuss] RFC: How to use new data source: URIs advertised through CBL-listed senders

John Wilcock john at tradoc.fr
Tue Apr 19 13:58:55 CEST 2005

Jeff Chan wrote:
> SBL lists IP ranges belonging to spammers.  If a spammer
> registers a brand new domain but points web, NS or MX service
> into SBL-listed space, then the domain could in principle be
> listed immediately, by virtue of IP matching and not the domain
> itself matching any other list.  IOW matches like that permit
> immediate listing of completely new domains that don't appear as
> domains in other lists.

OK, I'm with you now.

> Right, but it probably should be kept in mind that some
> SURBL-using applications may not be doing weight-type scoring.
> Some may be doing outright yes/no blocking.  I also prefer the
> more difficult approach of trying to say a record belongs to hard
> core spammers or it doesn't.  I'm not a big fan of uncertain or
> grey results.  Especially given applications that do outright
> blocking, listings may be most useful when they're either black
> or white.

For applications that do outright blocking, naturally the only 
acceptable results are black or white. But for those that do make use of 
weighted scoring, shades of grey are also an extremely valuable 

The multi-level shades-of-grey-list I was advocating could conceivably 
coexist with your existing black-or-white approach, providing useful 
information to those applications that can cope with greys, and indeed 
feeding data into the blacklist once a domain reached a dark enough 
shade of grey!


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