[SURBL-Discuss] Testing: xs.surbl.org (CBL Data)

Patrik Nilsson patrik at patrik.com
Thu Apr 21 21:39:02 CEST 2005

At 15:43 2005-04-19 +0200, Alex Broens wrote:
>Jeff's little XtraSmall (CBL Data) lust, ehhhmm, list seems to be catching 
>quite a bit of trash.
>give it a try:

After 24 hours, manual summary:

XL catches ~70% of what multi catches.
XL catches practically nothing not already caught by multi.
Almost all typical zero-hour spam that gets by multi also gets by XL.
No FPs on XL.

If this trend continues, IMHO, to be useful, XL needs to be more 
aggressively tuned.


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