[SURBL-Discuss] RE: Research wanted: age of spam gang URI domains

John_Delisle at ceridian.ca John_Delisle at ceridian.ca
Fri Apr 22 16:27:17 CEST 2005

Even if data re average age of the domains, wouldn't they just start 
registering them earlier so as to not match that pattern?

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[SURBL-Discuss] RE: Research wanted: age of spam gang URI domains

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>Subject: Research wanted: age of spam gang URI domains
>Does anyone have research or references for the age profiles of
>domains appearing in the URIs of spam gang (i.e. Ralsky, Lindsay,
>Richter, etc.) spams?  In other words, how old are the domains of
>sites being spamvertised *by spam gangs*?  (By age I mean how
>long ago they were (most recently) created.)
>Jeff C.

Off the top of my nogging, I've seen the major guys be about 1-3 days from


I also saw a pattern a few spammers using ones registered 3 months prior.
This is when I began to theorise that there was possibly a spam domain
service. Someone simply registering domain names full time, then selling
them out to other spammers. I started researching the idea, then got busy 
other stuff. 

When things settle I'll try to pick back up on the research. Sorry I don't
have any hard data for you. 

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