[SURBL-Discuss] Re: New xs.surbl list

Patrik Nilsson patrik at patrik.com
Fri Apr 22 20:47:25 CEST 2005

At 01:38 2005-04-22 -0700, Jeff Chan wrote:
>[forwarded with Paul's permission.  Please comment.]
> >         I don't know the current method used to decide when to add domains
> > to your new list, and I definitely see *much* smaller levels of spam than
> > many others on the various mailing lists.
>It's the top 97th percentile of hits, which only gets about a
>hundred more new records (domains and IPs) than we already have
>in SURBLs.  We can crank that up later when we get the FP issues
>nailed down better, though improved processing techniques.
> > However, my own experience, so far,
> > is that absolutely no "zero-hour" spams have been caught,
>Yes, that's because the new URI hit counts must overcome the
>mass of earlier reports.  There may be smarter ways to organize
>this, but simply lowering the threshold of inclusion (e.g., going
>to the 98th percentile) would get more on the list sooner.
> > but very many Spamcop
> > reports (about 1/2 hour later) do trigger;  So I have to agree with the 
> few who
> > have suggested a much more aggressive decision about when to add.
>Yes, I agree too.  :-)  When I announced the list for testing I
>said we'd start conservative to get a feeling for the data.

Could we maybe, just for testing, have two or more lists to test with 
different percentiles?


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