[SURBL-Discuss] xs.surbl.org preliminary results

Owen, Daniel Dowen at cmaworld.com
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I just realized that these numbers are slightly skewed. I drop any
e-mail that SA scores above a 20.9 . So all of the numbers should
probably be slightly higher. As far as FPs go I don't see FPs being
affected at all. I just wanted to add the note in since it means that
the XS rules may have a higher strike percentage than this indicates. 

I'm considering letting everything come through tagged without dropping
anything for a 24 hour period just to see what the real one day numbers
are. Beyond this testing it would be helpful for me just to see how much
mail I really am blocking. If I decide to do that it'll be sometime mid
next week.

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More stats. I'll continue to do these internally but unless something
interesting comes up I probably won't post stats on a daily basis unless
someone wants to see them. 

total e-mails: 9059
total strikes: 1226 (13.5% of total e-mail)
spam strikes: 1225
ham strikes: 1 (see details below)

total messages marked as spam (all rules): 6917 (76.4% of total e-mail)
total messages marked as spam (all rules) also marked by XS: 1187

also in:
NOT in any one of the above: 107 (.087% of total XS strikes)

The false positive:
This was a mailing list posting. The sender was sending through
input-MUNGE.com which has a standard disclaimer that includes
input-MUNGED.com. Looking at news.admin.net-abuse.sightings I see
several reports of advanced-inputMUNGED.com. Could that be it? I also
see 3 that appear to have numerous garbage URLs included but they are
2003 and 2004 so they should not be the issue. 
Anyway. It's the first false positive I have seen using the XS list. 
URIBL_WS_SURBL also hits this one.

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