[SURBL-Discuss] Testing: xs.surbl.org (CBL Data)

Jeff Chan jeffc at surbl.org
Sat Apr 23 09:08:38 CEST 2005

Chris Barton of McAfee spotted the following FPs in the XS data.
Looks like they could all be avoided by a date of registration
filter where domain registrations older than say 1 year were
excluded.  Anyone have feedback on Chris' findings?

Engineering a date of registration engine is probably my next
project.  It could be used as a general tool within SURBLs.
(If anyone has an existing tool to share, it could definitely

Jeff C.

Some possible xs. FP's for you...

ets.org NANAS 27 - mostly mailto's by the look of it. no SBL/XBL - no 
spamcop  Created On:10-Oct-1994

javaworld.com NANAS 7 - all old, no SBL/XBL no spamcop Created On: 

disneyland.com - no brainer?

91x.net - NANAS DODGY - Looks like a URL service - 
http://91i.net/index.shtml - Also on multi. - no spamcop - No XBL/SBL -  
Creation Date: 19-sep-2003

atspace.com NANAS 12 - host with a few small issues - look ok - NO 
XBL/SBL/spamcop -  Creation Date: 16-jan-2004

dante.net - NANAS 18 - ISP with a few issues - look ok - NO 
sbl/xbl/spamcop - Created 1993

epolitix.com - NANAS 0 - no xbl/sbl/spamcop - look ok - created 1999

hopto.org - NANAS DODGY but it belongs to no-ip.com who are cool.

kit.net - NANAS VERY DODGY - Looks like a URL service though. Listed on 
multi. created 1997 no xbl/sbl/spamcop
I wouldn't like to call it ham at this point as it appears to have a 
hosting issue atm.

peak.org - NANAS DODGY - Looks like an ISP with a few issues to me, nice 
spam filter logo - no XBL/SBL/spamcop created 21-Dec-1994

qq.com - looks like a portal rather than spammers - no xbl/sbl - NANAS 
134 - created 04-may-1995
researchandmarkets.com - NANAS 18 - no xbl/sbl/spamcop - created 1992

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