[SURBL-Discuss] russian pill-pushing gangsters

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Tue Apr 26 19:58:40 CEST 2005

>One (and possibly two) of my domains are being joe'd at the moment,
>and I'd like to submit the following domains to SURBL:
>amotusfemmf .com
>jocosehnajj .com
>unbungkanbe .com
>uigurimfif .com
>eremichnmnl .com
>editehkce .com
>revertalmgd .com
>tanachklgmj .com
>vadymbicm .com
>burtonabdea .com
>dutchibabd .com
>akimbomjmcm .com
>phudleaj .com
>PS: up til now, I've been feeding domains to Chris S.; what do I need
>to do to submit these directly?
>hesketh.com/inc. v: +1(919)834-2552 f: +1(919)834-2554 w: http://hesketh.com
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	Several of these domains were part of a fraud purpertrated by
YesNIC yesterday.  The name servers were removed from the registration
data listings, but the "Updated Date" was not changed.  I filed complaints
at the internic about sevral of them.

	Given that they now (at least the ones I've checked) have no name
servers, they are eligible for nomination to rfci's "whois" list (if I have
been there first), and subject to delisting by filing the form at the internic
(i.e. wdprs.internic.net - just fill out the section of name servers, noting
that they have none).

	One of them, jocosehnajj. com, is a brand new registration, it didn't
show up at the internic this morning, nut by a good guess, I found it at

	Paul Shupak
	track at plectere.com

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