[SURBL-Discuss] Re: One way to handle the Geocities spam

Eric Montréal erv at mailpeers.net
Sat Dec 3 23:41:14 CET 2005

Raymond Dijkxhoorn wrote:

>> Since it doesn't look like this will be implemented anytime soon, 
>> I've made my own
>> auto-generated spamassassin rules for both Geocities and Tripod spam.
>> This list is similar in it's principles to the good old BigEvilList ...
>> You can download and test it from there: http://nospam.mailpeers.net/
> We are working with Tripod to get all cleaned out so 

Great !

> if you have WORKING ones still let us know and we'll pass them on. 
> Most is allready cleaned out.

Most of the URLs in my list are still alive and redirecting ...

I added an indicator in the 'describe' field telling you those that are 
alive or closed and the score is now
higher for closed ones for 4 days before they are cleared from the list 
(unlikely a spammer will spam
using a closed site after more than 4 days).
Those that are 'temporarily unavailable' (503) are not counted as closed.

The list is updated every hour.

Check it there: http://nospam.mailpeers.net/subevil.cf

Other spammy URLs can now be submitted on the main page at 

Waiting for feedback ...

> Bye,
> Raymond.

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