[SURBL-Discuss] Re: One way to handle the Geocities spam

Eric Montréal erv at mailpeers.net
Sun Dec 4 01:20:05 CET 2005

Alex Broens wrote:

> Eric Montréal wrote:
>> Most of the URLs in my list are still alive and redirecting ...
> Eric
> could you post a clear text list of those active sites
> It would help to report to Lycos inc ase we're missing some
Here is the list :


WARNING : following those links with a browser might not be safe.
either use wget or at least, disable java / javascript before visiting.

The list is updated once per hour, please don't download more often than 

If you have other spamvertised URLs at geocities or Tripod, please submit
them using the form at  http://nospam.mailpeers.net/

> thanks
Enjoy !


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