[SURBL-Discuss] Re: One way to handle the Geocities spam

Jose Marcio Martins da Cruz Jose-Marcio.Martins at ensmp.fr
Tue Dec 13 13:17:52 CET 2005


Warren Robinson wrote:
> Hi All,
> Any feedback on how effective this is ?


>>>> I've
>>>> made my own
>>>> auto-generated spamassassin rules for both Geocities and Tripod spam.
>>>> This list is similar in it's principles to the good old BigEvilList ...
>>>> You can download and test it from there: http://nospam.mailpeers.net/
>>>> Feedback appreciated (good or bad, in or outside of the list) ...

I took a look some time before, and I noticed some 440 rules, if I remember.

The problem with this is that it may be efficient only for small servers, and
you should clean up old unused rules.

What's nice with URLBL is that you read the message once to extract all URLs and
after that, you query the database looking for the domain names you've found.

The problem with your rules is that the message will probably be scanned 441
times looking for complex perl expressions.

But this is a general problem with SpamAssassin with its hundreds rules.

In other words, with your rules, you'll highly increase the scanning time
without adding too much efficiency to your filter. Good for small servers !

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