[SURBL-Discuss] 'Geocities Spam' ... a miracle ?

Eric Montréal erv at mailpeers.net
Fri Dec 16 22:29:08 CET 2005


List Mail User wrote:

>>Looks like, after months ignoring the problem, a miracle finally 
>>happened at Yahoo / Geocities tonight ...
>>Yesterday, my list of alive Geocities spammy sites was more than 350 
>>names long.
>>Tonight it's down to ... 14 Geocities sites ! All others have been shutdown
>	Let us hope that some proactive mechanism is now shutting them
>down, and that hometown.aol.com doesn't pickup all the slack (where I've
>been seen them from recently).  The worse case would have been if they
>just downloaded your list and checked and shut those - the 14 left implies
>that some other means was used (which is by far preferable).
Fully agree, I hope they check their content and automatically remove 
those containing encoded
javascript redirectors.
Maybe limiting the daily number of new sites created from a given IP 
would help too.
As spammers try to evade their detection routines, we'll see them in the 
alive_spammy.txt file
so, if they want to use it as an added check, I'm fine with that, but 
they certainly should not rely
only on the list to shutdown spammy ... I'm not here to do their homework !

As you mention, AOL hometown seems on the rise, soooo ... I added them !

Contrary to Geocities who was doing nothing about it, AOL seems to be 
taking them down, but
they're way too slow and that leaves spammy with more time than he needs ...

Please send your hometown.aol.com  spams / URLs !


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