[SURBL-Discuss] 'Geocities Spam' ... a miracle ?

Eric Montréal erv at mailpeers.net
Fri Dec 16 23:50:17 CET 2005


Justin Mason wrote:

>=?ISO-8859-1?Q?Eric_Montr=E9al?= writes:
>>Looks like, after months ignoring the problem, a miracle finally 
>>happened at Yahoo / Geocities tonight ...
>>Yesterday, my list of alive Geocities spammy sites was more than 350 
>>names long.
>>Tonight it's down to ... 14 Geocities sites ! All others have been shutdown
>Hmm.  Unfortunately we're still seeing a lot.  Here's a small selection:
Unfortunately, I get them too ... and the new ones are still alive.

>  http://es.geocities.comMUNGED/manuel_skye/
>  http://in.geocities.comMUNGED/shannon_mezera/
>  http://geocities.yahoo.comMUNGED.br/abraham_gerdeman/
>  http://geocities.yahoo.comMUNGED.br/clemente_vaneyck/
>  http://uk.geocities.comMUNGED/robert_smull/
>  http://it.geocities.comMUNGED/joel_abreu9/
>  http://uk.geocities.comMUNGED/z2440azzaai/
>  http://geocities.yahoo.comMUNGED.br/elvin_bigda/
>  http://uk.geocities.comMUNGED/hayley64368stanwood80846/
>  http://geocities.yahoo.comMUNGED.br/leonel_laster/
>  http://uk.geocities.comMUNGED/alphonsealexanderhall/
>Looks pretty similar; perhaps they've started shutting down accounts on
>your list?
I hope that's not the way they did it, or at least not the *only* way !

Anyways, I've added them to the filtered list.

I think Geocities need *a few* days to setup their filters and cleanup 
the servers,
we'll keep watching the situation and see where is spammy going ...


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