[SURBL-Discuss] quick poll on SURBL hit %

Ryan Thompson ryan at sasknow.com
Wed Jan 5 18:20:38 CET 2005

Chris Santerre wrote to SURBL Discussion List (E-mail) and Spamassassin-Tal...:

> Just curious as to what average percent of spam people see SURBL
> hitting. In a non scientific manor, I average about 85% or greater
> hitting SURBL for all spam that doesn't get rejected by my MTA. I have
> a feeling if I clean up my results a bit, that number would be even
> higher.

Quick results:

59,672 total spam
53,433 URIBL_*	    89.5%
46,786 URIBL_WS	    78.4%
41,884 URIBL_OB	    70.2%
36,778 URIBL_PJ	    61.6%
29,833 URIBL_SC	    50.0%
15,748 URIBL_AB	    26.4%

At the MTA level, we only outright reject viruses and totally braindead
MTAs/invalid users.

- Ryan

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