[SURBL-Discuss] quick poll on SURBL hit %

Matt Egan (hotmail) mattegan_public at hotmail.com
Thu Jan 6 05:50:07 CET 2005

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> On Wednesday, January 5, 2005, 4:36:02 PM, Matt (hotmail) wrote:
> > Also note that for about 3 days I was having
> > massive timeouts trying to resolve names in the multi.surbl.org zone. I
> > since setup a local copy of that zone.
> None of our name servers are having problems and certainly not
> for three days.  Did you perhaps have an error in your DNS
> configuration?
> Jeff C.
> --
> "If it appears in hams, then don't list it."

It could have been a smaller time period (it was last week sometime), I
didn't notice it till I started getting complaints about spam. when I dug
into it everything looked like it should have been caught but the uribl
rules weren't firing in SA. manual dig's showed 10+ second delays (I asked
several NS's directly) and spamassassin was giving up after 2 seconds (or
whatever the default is I forget). I upped the timeout in SA to 10 seconds
at the sacrifice of mail throughput and the rules started firing again. the
server has bind running locally and I wasn't having problems resolving
anything else. I chalked it up to spammers DDossing the surbl.org zones
because it was such an effective measure. decided it was too valuable to not
have and opted to run the zone's locally. before I got the rsync approval
things seemed to have settled down and my query times were back to normal
but I had already setup rbldnsd so I opted to run the zones anyway along
with some standard rbl zones that I use.


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