[SURBL-Discuss] quick poll on SURBL hit %

Jose Marcio Martins da Cruz Jose-Marcio.Martins at ensmp.fr
Thu Jan 6 11:30:09 CET 2005

Chris Santerre wrote:
> Just curious as to what average percent of spam people see SURBL hitting. In
> a non scientific manor, I average about 85% or greater hitting SURBL for all
> spam that doesn't get rejected by my MTA. I have a feeling if I clean up my
> results a bit, that number would be even higher. 

This number seems correct for me too.

But what's very interesting is to note that both numbers (detection rate and 
false positive rate) are quite stable for everybody. This is a measure of the 
reliability of surbl as a filtering criteria.

Last month I was looking at the URLs hitting messages on our server during 8 
months, and I found around 20000 URLs on some millions of spams.


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