[SURBL-Discuss] FW: Semi-OT: Spammer sues spam-report [Scanned]

David Thurman listonly at webpresencegroup.net
Tue Jan 18 18:25:54 CET 2005

On 1/18/05 11:07 AM, "Chris Santerre" wrote:

> I thought this was worth forwarding, as you never know when one of our
> projects may fall under this kind of silly thing. Also want to keep a good
> eye out on the Discovery aspect of it all. What spammers don't realize is
> that with this suit, we can now find out more about them.

I read his and the link to the other case. Pretty sad day when the
government will allow this and not dismiss these cases for what they are,
legal blackmail and efforts to put a person or company out of business.

While I am all for the government to stay out of much of my and my business
life, I really think we need some better laws and the enforcement of those
laws. Not only in the US but world-wide. Every ISP should be held
accountable for allowing a spammer to operate, the upstream network provider
should be held accountable also. Maybe if it looked like a witch hunt and a
taking down of all involved, just maybe, we would see self enforcement done
and a lot of this would start to die. Also if people would quit buying the
services of spammers we would see it die quick. I think charging the spam
buyers legally is the end and true answer.

My un-important 2¢
David Thurman
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