[SURBL-Discuss] blocked, but still getting through?

Martin martin.lyberg at idkommunikation.com
Thu Jan 20 10:46:45 CET 2005


The following mail got through even though it's listed in SURBL (check 
the link in the middle of the message):

crosswise is cd2   in moloch  of democracy  to bolshoi  with anorthic. <br>
whack  am frau  going holyoke  to 22844305 be brought  the eye    <br>


<u>Microsoft Windows XP Pro +  Microsoft Office XP Pro -- $80 

Adobe Photoshop 7 + Adobe Premiere 7 + Adobe Illustrator  -- $120 <br><br>

Many other bundle and single offers too<br><br>


Copy and pase the link below in your browser:<br>





conception is 143983335 in ablaze <br>
cheap  is a 136517095 of landmark into spinoff for adroit <br>
waterloo was cocoon in the muslin<br>
character was 45867360 in bimolecular <br>

Are they fooling SURBL by not include www or http? I've got several of 
these and wonder if i can do anything about this?


/ Martin

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