[SURBL-Discuss] Re: Revisiting high-level 3.1 goals

Daniel Quinlan quinlan at pathname.com
Mon Jan 31 04:58:59 CET 2005

Justin Mason <jm at jmason.org> writes:

> btw, I think requiring people to upgrade ASAP isn't necessarily a great
> idea; we can avoid it by setting up a new BL for "WS minus JP".  then
> 3.1.0 can look up

Gah!!! I think you might be confused about this.  There's no issue as
far as I can tell.  JP is the new blacklist and it includes WS, the old
blacklist.  The new blacklist should never have included WS
(#include-style, incidental overlap is okay, of course).

No longer importing WS into JP has no negative effect on any of these

  - people with pre-JP versions: don't have JP anyway
  - people with pre-JP versions who added JP on their own: will still
    have both JP and WS
  - people running SVN HEAD or anything else that included JP already:
    will still have WS!

No new blacklist needed.

Warning is merely a courtesy for any oddballs who are only using JP.


Daniel Quinlan

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