[SURBL-Discuss] Re: Revisiting high-level 3.1 goals

Raymond Dijkxhoorn raymond at prolocation.net
Mon Jan 31 09:40:07 CET 2005


>> What about:
>> The seperate zonefile will contain both (WS+JP)

>> The multi list, since those seem to can use multi anyway, has the
>> seperated sources.

> I'm opposed to creating new lists like this.
> Besides, if we're going to ask people to add rules to their
> 3.0.x, we can just ask them to add:
> urirhssub URIBL_JP_SURBL  multi.surbl.org.        A   64
> body      URIBL_JP_SURBL  eval:check_uridnsbl('URIBL_JP_SURBL')
> describe  URIBL_JP_SURBL  Has URI in JP at http://www.surbl.org/lists.html
> tflags    URIBL_JP_SURBL  net
> score URIBL_JP_SURBL    4.0

Thats how i am allready running JP since 3.x... so yes.


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