[SURBL-Discuss] PayPal Joe-job

Joe Wein joewein at pobox.com
Wed Jun 1 17:19:20 CEST 2005

Since I list a lot of fake company domains in money-forwarding scams on my
website (a data source of JP on multi.surbl.org), I seem to have offended a
few people.

Yesterday someone made 4 PayPal payments to my account, two from the US, one
from France and one from Australia. PayPal caught it or was alerted and
reversed all transfers, as well as suspending my account pending

In the last two days I also received "fan mail" from Nigeria and South
Africa regarding some anti-419 data that I publish.

Just wanted to let you guys know. I take it as a sign that the scammers are
feeling some pain, which is good :-)

Joe Wein
joewein.de LLC
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Yokohama, 227-0035, Japan

E-Mail: joewein at pobox.com
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