[SURBL-Discuss] Whitelist: multiply.com

Robert Menschel Robert at menschel.net
Thu Jun 16 04:27:17 CEST 2005

Hello Jeff, All,

Just received some spam today from a site that needs to be whitelisted
on SURBL -- multiply.com

Valid community-based, free (adv sponsored), social networking,
email-generating system.  We've received valid emails from people
using the system as it is intended.

However, even when used as intended, it's liable to a domino/cascade
effect.  Emails sent to person A's contact list which includes B, C,
and D, can be automatically forwarded to their contact lists, their
contacts' contacts' contacts, etc.

That's the spam received today -- email once removed, where A's
contact list would be appropriate, but we're on B's contact list, and
have no interest in this email from A.

Think of it as the forward of a forward of a forward problem, where
it's not a matter of that last forward being sent mindlessly -- it was
sent automatically.

I'll be adding this to the SARE rules system somewhere, but it's too
early now to predict how large or small a score it will have.

Bob Menschel

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