[SURBL-Discuss] 20050615 embedded image spam

List Mail User track at Plectere.com
Fri Jun 17 20:29:32 CEST 2005

	I went back through old archives, and...  I found a case of affiliate
abuse involving inphonic.  The email came to a non-existant account, not the
one I use with inphonic and it was very similar to the one you got (i.e. links
to inphonic pages, but redirects to the affiliate).

	This is old (Aug. 2003), but after I had been a customer, and the
domains are all still valid (and look bad).  Only one is currently listed
in SURBLs (noted alongside of it).  The involved domains were:
	homebasedbusinessclub.com [jp]

	I also check, all "real" inphonic emails have come from servers in
their own domain with working rDNS and FCrDNS.

	I had never noticed this one, because it was to an obvious "bad"
account (a misspelling of an account which I sometime post with, so it had
both been "scraped" and typo'd - It got on a CD over a year ago, and now is
one of the few accounts I outright refuse, instead of just piping down the
automatic spam-reporting machinery - too much "mom&pop" operation spam to it).

	Anyway, it was two years ago, and I got just one - but it shows they
have had past problem (but with just one vs. your > 10, my case was probably
cleared up quickly).

	Paul Shupak
	track at plectere.com

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