[SURBL-Discuss] Blog comment spam and SURBL

Chris Santerre csanterre at MerchantsOverseas.com
Mon Jun 20 18:30:25 CEST 2005

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>Subject: [SURBL-Discuss] Blog comment spam and SURBL
>I've noticed that the poker comment spammers have found my 
>blog (which is 
>configured to run in moderation mode).  Is there any point in 
>reporting the 
>reports WordPress sends me into the SURBL submission process?  
>The biggest 
>benefit I can see is for anyone who uses SA tied into WP's 
>comment queue - 
>auto spam tagging.

Jeff has always liked to keep a seperation between Blog and Mail spammers.
If he doesn't want them, (He might), we will take them at URIBL.com. We
figure there is no difference between the two. 


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