HELP: RE: [SURBL-Discuss] ZDnet redirector still open.

Alex Broens surbl at
Fri Mar 18 17:48:22 CET 2005

Chris Santerre wrote:
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>>From: Alex Broens [mailto:surbl at]
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>>To: SUBL List
>>Subject: [SURBL-Discuss] ZDnet redirector still open.
>>Could you pls make some extra noise so this hole gets closed.
>>- or do we need to run an international press release? - or maybe some 
>>extra pressure via Slashdot?
> Maybe their competitors would like to run a story on it :) I know someone on
> SPAM-L list was trying to get it removed. Lets see what they say. 

:-)  Guess I'll register @Slashdot

> I just dismantled an entire rack while everything was live. Boy was that
> fun!

need any help - could wear my caterpillars and stumble over the lot :-)


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