[SURBL-Discuss] Re: REDIRECTOR: chkpt.zdnet.com

Alex Broens surbl at alexb.ch
Mon Mar 21 16:41:11 CET 2005

Alex Broens wrote:
> Guys,
> Does somebody know someone at ZDnet
> This looks like a new redir.
> <center>
> <a 
> href=http://chkpt.zdnet.com/chkpt/wenot/fvguug%2ere%74ai%6c%62%6C%6f%77s.co%6D/ 
> target=_blank><font size=5 color=1C1CFF><u><b>CL1CCK HERE TO 0RDER 
> or</font></font></b></u></a><br><br>
> </center>
> => http://chkpt.zdnet.com/chkpt/wenot/fvguug.retailblows. com/

Don't we all wonder how much longer the world will have to put up with this?

I've reported this on Thu, 17 Mar 2005 16:46:08 +0100 and its still wide 
On Thursday I wrote to abuse at cnet & abuse at zdnet and only got a standard 
respoder msg from zdnet, nothing from cnet.



PS: yes I did make a local URI rule. :-)

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