[SURBL-Discuss] RE: REDIRECTOR: chkpt.zdnet.com

Chris Santerre csanterre at MerchantsOverseas.com
Mon Mar 21 18:12:03 CET 2005

It makes more sense to email him direct. Too bad I can't find he email
anywhere! I guess its time to start telling the media about this open
redirect. Oh well, we gave them fair amount of time. 


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>From: Rob McEwen [mailto:rob at powerviewsystems.com]
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>Subject: Re: REDIRECTOR: chkpt.zdnet.com
>(I've sent this to both SA & SURBL)
>There has been much fuss about ZDNet being slow or 
>unresponsive about fixing
>open redirects.
>I have a suggestion.
>Someone ought to post a message on John Dvorak's blog. I did a 
>search to
>find the most recent post on his blog relating to spam to find the best
>place to post.
>Therefore, someone please go here and post a message to him to get this
>message across:
>(I'd do it myself but I just got over the flu and I'm severely 
>behind in my
>work. Also, I think that someone with more "pull" than me out 
>to do this...
>someone like Chris or Jeff. Plus, Dvorak will recognize my 
>name from other
>very unrelated topics that I've posted on his blog in the past and I
>wouldn't want to confuse issues with him by using my name.)
>Rob McEwen
>PowerView Systems

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