[SURBL-Discuss] newly registered domains

Matthew Wilson matthew at boomer.com
Mon May 9 19:28:41 CEST 2005

I wasn't talking about doing huge numbers of whois lookups; I was saying
cache the whois lookups in the a uribl dns zone, encoded using regex.

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> Because they don't take to kindly to anyone doing tons of 
> whois looksups an hour. Trust me ;)
> --Chris 
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> >Why not integrate a whois date lookup directly into SURBL or URIBL?
> >Design an encoding system whereby
> >suspectedspammydomain.spammertld.dr.surbl.org (or uribl.com) would 
> >return the date somehow regex encoded in the IP address.  
> Then write a 
> >nice SA rule that decodes it, also using regex.  Are there any regex 
> >geniuses out there that could encode a date in an IP address?
> >
> >-Matthew

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